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Social Media Management

Be visible and grow your online presence with a holistic social media strategy

What on earth do I post today?

Have you asked yourself this before? Maybe more than once before. Social Media is one of those things you have to do and can easily lead to the "whatever posting." You pick something at random and chuck it up there so you can check that off your list.

However, social media can be so much more. It can be a portfolio to showcase your business. You can share your voice, knowledge and experience. It is also a tool that customers now use when making a decision between competitors. With the average user spending 2.5 hours a day on social media, there is no better way to reach customers.

social media virtual assistant

Embrace social media as a tool

If used the right way, social media can be a huge tool to grow your business presence and help your brand stand out from your competitors. A client can use your media to know exactly what your business has to offer and if you've created a useful tool, will share this with other potential clients.

How do you do this? Not by investing your whole bank account in paid ads across platforms! By using a holistic approach to social media, you can build a presence, be visible and reach clients by creating useful content and staying visible. I manage your social media by developing a holistic content strategy and positive engagement with your potential clients.

people use social media everyday

every day is spent on social media

social media to research products

I'll develop a social media strategy and manage this for you

Setting up Social Media Accounts

If you do not yet have business social accounts, I can get you set up including all the foundation information that lets clients know you are a legal and complying business.

Canva Posts

I use Canva to create posts for all your social accounts

Building your Presence

By joining relevant groups and communities, I can build your presence and a following. This involves engaging with potential clients to get your business name out into the community and in front of people who may be a future asset for your business.

Managing Social Accounts

This includes building and growing your presence on a regular basis as well as answering any new enquiries and responding to reviews and comments so your business remains consistent.

Growing your Presence

I will organically grow your presence by regular posting of quality content on your behalf, such as informative based, project highlights, industry specific, image focused and key news. I will also engage with others on your account to foster relationships.


I will schedule posts to suit your posting pattern and consumer engagement patterns

Does your business need social media management?

Why is social media management important?

Although not all your activity on social media leads to paying clients, it is key to developing a presence. If you are seen as present and engaging, people are more likely to trust your business than a stagnant one. It is also a great way to show clients you know your industry and have the knowledge to help them.

I have also seen many clients who use company's social media to check up on them and use what they see as the final decision between two competitors. It is after all a portfolio, full of information that showcases your business, how you handled past projects, your current work and happy clients.

How do you handle social media management?

I prefer an organic approach to social media management. Paid ads are great but when you are stretching your advertising budget to include Google, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and so on, you can easily break the bank. While it is a slower process, I used an organic marketing presence combined with only one form of paid advertising to build my first company into a 6 month waiting list. By choosing to do it this way, I also built a professional, reliable and trustworthy image and was landing work because of this.

If you are interested in paid advertising, I am soon broadening my services to include this too.

What are the benefits of outsourcing social media management?

  • You will have a consistent presence without taking time away from your business growth

  • You will have content developed that is relevant to you

  • You will gain an outside view on your projects and their highlights in the eyes of future clients

  • You will have someone engaging with potential clients, turning cold leads warm

  • You will build trust in the community through a professional image

Okay, so you're ready to turn your social media into a portfolio that sells, what now?

You can request a free proposal tailored to your business, book a discovery call and view rates and discounts when you book online.

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