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Administration and Lead Management

Never lose another lead with me on your team

Your inbox in full, you've just had your 3rd call from a client and it's 6pm

Sound familiar? Ever get to that part of the day when you should be putting your feet up and enjoying some much deserved R&R but instead you have to get to all the things that you didn't have time for during the day?

Or do you feel like so much of your time is wasted? There is no organisation or structure to your system and handling a simple client enquiry takes too long because you have to scroll through emails, pull up files or notes left in quote books and search for all their details.

When you're supposed to be most productive, doing what you do best, instead you're dealing with directing employees, answering enquiries and dealing with client support and troubleshooting. This is holding you and your business back and can quickly lead to burn out.

This all can easily lead to things getting missed and clients not hearing back from you which in turn can quickly impact your reputation with negative reviews and word of mouth. It could also mean you're missing potential warm leads!

admin virtual assistant

Instead, take back your time

As a business owner, you are the expert at what you do so you handle what you do best. This is time consuming and understandably so can lead to things getting missed or clients not getting the attention they need. 


With me on your team, you will not have to worry about missing a lead. I will cleanse your data to ensure you have all the information you need at your fingertips. I will handle incoming enquiries from all your sources, making sure only warm leads find their way to your desk but all enquiries are handled with care and attention... you never know who might recommend you for the professional way you dealt with them.

of customers will leave your company for bad customer service

of customers are more likely to recommend you if you supply good customer service

of customers are more likely to purchase again from a company with good customer service

You enjoy your much needed R&R and I'll make sure you never lose another lead

Email Management

I can help you get the wonderful 0 inbox and ensure you never miss another important email. I handle this by organising your emails, transferring important data to the correct files, calender or employees, determining priorities, removing spam, answering simple emails and sending emails for requests for information or follow ups.

Chat Management

This ties in with your email and lead management. I can handle leads from chat bots and social media in the same fashion using your sales or business processes or helping you create a sales funnel.


The endless information available today is both a blessing and a curse. While it means you can find anything you need, it can also lead to feeling overwhelmed when researching for your business. I can handle research for you whether it is for your business growth, a blog, website content or improving a sales process.

Client Support and Troubleshooting

Does your business involve clients asking questions, requesting information or seeking support after the sale? I can handle client support and troubleshooting as outlined in your business processes.

Lead Management

With the internet creating easy access to businesses with just a click of the button, you might feel like you are overflowing with enquiries. Unfortunately, not all enquiries turn into clients and this process of screening can be time consuming. It may also lead to you missing a potential lead! I can help by handling incoming leads by screening, answering enquiries, updating client tracking data, inputting into customer management software and following up in a timely fashion to ensure you never miss another lead. Enquire to share your process or work with me to build your client sales process.

Reminder Services

Owning a business means you have a constant to do list full of schedules, meetings, deadlines and every client's demand. I will build you a process for recording and delegating tasks and will provide you with a reminder service to ensure you never miss anything again. If you have existing management software, I can handle this for you.


I can transcribe video and audio files for you to save you time and keep key information at your fingertips.

Project and Customer Management

I can set you up or manage your current CRM/PMS to ensure all your data is where you need it. If you are new to CRM/PMS, I can set you up with a low-cost solution to tick all your business and personal needs.

Onboarding Employees

Sometimes your VA just can't handle everything! When you need particular skills for your business and need an employee to directly handle tasks or services, I can assist you with onboarding new employees. I know my first job listing resulted in 100s of applicants that I had a hard time finding time for. I help by writing and posting job listings and screening candidates so only the best fits end up on your desk.

Calender Management

This is basically building on all the services above. It is great to have someone handling the processes in between but where do you keep track of what comes next? I will handle your calender, everything from inputting, reminding and updating. I can use your calender to book appointments for you or handle scheduling.

Data Cleansing

Data cleansing is important to ensure you have all the information you need to handle clients and projects smoothly. It involves collecting information from all your sources and putting them together in one place. This will save you time when you don't have to search for specific information, it will ensure you don't miss anything important and it will give clients a positive impression when dealing with you. I can organise your clients and employee profiles and your projects.

Does your business need administration and lead management?

How can outsourcing administration tasks help me?

Administration keeps your business running smoothly and ensures all information is organised. This leads to an efficient and productive team, informed decision making, a professional image and tools to grow your business. Most administration tasks are handled online with your software so outsourcing is a great way to save on employee expenses.

What are the benefits of lead management?

Is your inbox busy? A constant flow of new information, enquiries, client follow ups, appointments, reminders, and more? Or maybe you just don't have as much time as you would like to check your inbox 10 times a day? With our emails often being a source of getting new clients and staying aware of important information, it is vital nothing goes unmissed. Clients also have access to you via social media and chat bots, this can lead to more time in your day spent handling enquiries than actually conducting your business.


The benefits of outsourcing lead management is that only priority enquiries or tasks will find their way to you. You'll also have a clear record of leads and where they came from to help you determine your most valuable marketing strategy. You will also be guaranteed every lead is followed up with which could be the key ingredient in turning that lead into a paying client.

What is the process of lead management?

Leads are qualified, analysed and nurtured according to your businesses processes and sales funnel. It includes identifying hot and cold leads and turning these leads into paying clients.

Okay, so you're ready to grow your revenue potential by improving lead management, what now?

You can request a free proposal tailored to your business, book a discovery call and view rates and discounts when you book online.

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