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marketing virtual assistant

Professional Image and Marketing

Stand out from your competition with a professional and trusted image

Wondering how to market your brand?

What goes into marketing your brand stretches a lot further than your first thought of 'paid advertising.' Marketing is all about how you are viewed by the public... your potential clients.

It is also about how you deliver your service. Are you consistent and professional across all your platforms and in your processes for dealing with clients?

All these elements come into play when clients decide how to view your brand. Market for customer service and quality and that will be how you are seen.

marketing virtual assistant

What does your internet presence say about you?

What will your clients find if they research your brand? Will they find you are active in the digital community? Are you present and knowledgeable on social media? Are you trusted by other customers? Branding yourself as present and consistent increases your sale potential and increases the chances a customer will view you as a trusted source.

By focusing on organically marketing yourself on social media, creating streamlined processes for dealing with clients, having a consistent image across your devices and focusing on the customer experience, you no longer have to compete by price. Clients will pay more for your trusted image.

of customers research online before purchasing

more is purchased from businesses when the customer follows them on social media

of customers are willing to pay more for a great customer experience

Market for quality, consistency and professionalism

Paperwork Development

This involves developing any paperwork you need to help you keep track of leads and data such as intake forms, contracts, reports and more. It also includes paperwork to improve your process and build your image for example letters, proposals, welcome packs and meeting notes.

Website Management

If you've read through my site, you would have read that google and clients don't like static websites. I can assist with website content such as adding, editing or building your website so it remains relevant and up to date. This will add to your image as a professional when potential clients can visit your website for accurate and regular information.

Social Media Management

I can handle your social media accounts to reinforce your presence, check out my social media management page for more information on how.

System Automations

Having consistent and streamlined systems ensures every interaction with your clients is consistent. This indicates a professional and trusted business. If you have or would like to have management software to maintain your data, I can help you with developing, applying or managing project, team and CRM systems. These systems make collaborating with your team and keeping track of project and client statuses a breeze.


Sometimes we don't have time to check something twice even though we should! I'll save you any embarrassment from a misspelling by proofreading and editing content such as your scheduled posts, website, emails, contracts and more.

Business Start Up and Launch Support

f you start your business with a professional plan and processes, you're already ahead of the competition.


I can assist with copywriting for newsletters, blogs, email marketing and more to help keep you a present competitor in your industry.

Growing Google Presence

I can help you build an organic google presence to further expand your reach by listing your business across various business listing websites and websites such as Houz to showcase your projects. Not only does this open you up to new clients but it again builds your image when clients google your business name and see your information across the internet.

Lead Management

A key component of a professional image is answering enquiries in a timely and informative fashion. I can handle your leads and ensure you never miss another protentional client.

Questions about marketing your brand

How do you handle marketing my brand?

I will work with you to understand your business, its niche, services, target market and ideal client. We will then work together to create an organic marketing plan that will see you grow your business with the image you want.

Do you do paid advertising?

I prefer an organic approach to marketing. Paid ads are great but when you are stretching your advertising budget to include Google, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and so on, you can easily break the bank. While it is a slower process, I used an organic marketing presence combined with only one form of paid advertising to build my first company into a 6 month waiting list. By choosing to do it this way, I also built a professional, reliable and trustworthy image and was landing work because of this.

If you are interested in paid advertising, I am soon broadening my services to include this too.

Okay, so you're ready to market your brand, what now?

You can request a free proposal tailored to your business, book a discovery call and view rates and discounts when you book online.

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