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small business virtual assistant

Business Start Up and Launch Support

Get your business idea off the ground and launch with confidence

Have you had that 'wow' moment?

Have you been completely inspired and formed a business idea? All to now be thinking, how on earth do I get started? What is the first step?


Starting a business is exciting but it can also be overwhelming with so many different elements to consider. Have you sat down to conduct research for your business and suddenly felt like it is an impossible task? I am here to support you through the process and help you turn your business launch into a simple step by step procedure.

It doesn't matter if you're a forward planner who wants everything organised before you go live or if you want to get on your feet as soon as possible. No matter the case I can help you get started and launch to fit your schedule.

small business virtual assistant

Follow your dream

Don't let the fear of failure stop you from following your dream... but do let it help you! 50% of businesses that failed were actually profitable. It wasn't that the idea didn't work, it was that the idea wasn't cultivated. If you start your business the right way, you're chances of success is going to increase ten fold. This is easier said than done.

Starting a business the right way is time consuming and if you currently have commitments of children, full-time work or study, it is even harder. But that is where I come in, I'm here to cultivate your business idea into an actionable plan so you can launch with confidence.

of businesses fail because they didn't have the right team

of businesses fail because they lacked a business model

of businesses fail because they ignored their customers

I'll help you stay out of the statistics


I can handle research for your business, whether that be the industry, regulations, competition, sales processes and more.

Business Plan

If you are seeking funding, a well thought out business plan is vital. That is easy to see from a quick google search. But what if you don't need funding? A business plan is still important and if done the right way, can help structure your business and its launch. A business plan shouldn't be something that is completed and then pushed aside, never to be looked at again. It should be a tool you use everyday for your business.

Domain, Website and Social Media

Once you have your business name, I can help you register it and claim your matching domain for your website and business email and claim the name across your social media accounts. I can help set up and manage your social media accounts and website.


You can subscribe to Reinventing Virtual Assistance to receive a weekly newsletter that includes free business tools and resources.

Licensing and Insurance

When starting any business, you will most likely have licensing and insurance obligations that need to be filled. I will help you research what is needed for your business and get you a quote that suits you.

Business Processes

These are developed from your business plan and they outline how different areas of your business are handled. This is beneficial in many ways, it acts as a method for consistency and problem solving and allows the onboarding of new clients and employees with ease. Examples of areas included in your business processes are how your leads are managed, your sales process and the resources you use.

Lead Management

A key component of a professional image is answering enquiries in a timely and informative fashion. I can handle your leads and ensure you never miss another protentional client.


A business needs contacts such as an accountant and perhaps funding. I will help connect you with the people you need so you can receive expert advice.

Operating Systems

How are you going to manage your data such as your projects, clients, accounts and bookings? I can help you get started with the right programs for you.

Professional Image and Marketing

I will work with you to understand your business, its niche, services, target market and ideal client. We will then work together to create an organic marketing plan that will see you grow your business with the image you want.

Answering the 'what ifs' on launching your business

How will I set up a business plan and processes?

I will share a template depending on your needs and I will use what you tell me about your business idea to help you get started on an efficient business plan and processes.

What if my business has already started?

That is no problem at all, I can assess your business and add to your business plan and processes to create more streamlined systems.

What if I have started and don't yet have a business plan or processes, but want one?

That's no issue, I will walk through what it is you're already doing and use this to create a business plan and processes that we can then build off or improve.

Okay, so you're ready to turn your dreams into a reality, what now?

You can request a free proposal tailored to your business, book a discovery call and view rates and discounts when you book online.

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