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Changes to super coming on the 1st of July

As of next financial year, changes apply for super for your employees who are under 18 years old if they work more than 30 hours per week.

The $450.00 per month threshold will be removed, making all employees under 18 eligible for super if they work 30 hours a week. Their weekly wage will no longer be a factor. Your employees will only be entitled to super for the weeks they work 30 hours or more.

Where to get support with the changes:

The ATO will update their super calculators so you can check your obligations from the 1st of July.

If you use accounting software, check their updates and announcements for details of changes to their software to meet the new obligations.

If this will be your first time paying super, check out the ATO for support - Your accounting program should also provide Super support and answer FAQs.

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