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A day in the life of a virtual assistant

"So what exactly is a virtual assistant?"

"What does a virtual assistant do?"

"How does that work?"

I get this a lot.

What exactly does a day in the life of a virtual assistant look like?

My morning starts at 6:30am, I usually spend this time having my morning coffee, hanging with my two border collies, and usually I will find my way to my office at about 7:30am. I spend the time between 7:30am and 8:00am organising my day. Checking what I've already scheduled, making any adjustments, checking priorities and adding any other tasks.

At 8:00am I start with a half an hour block to answer emails. I'll usually have tasks or projects from clients in my inbox that I assign to my calendar. This is also my time to send out my clients agendas. I check their calendars and send a daily reminder of appointments and priorities and an overview of the week or month depending on the client's requests.

From 8:30am, I have time blocked to complete regular client tasks and projects. Regular, scheduled tasks include organising, answering, actioning and recording email enquiries, filing and data entry from their inbox, sorting emails, updating calendars and agendas, sending follow ups and reminders to their clients, invoicing, and bookkeeping.

This will usually take me to 12:00pm, where I wonder to the kitchen for lunch and a coffee break. Some days I end my day here and spend time enjoying scheduled "me time." Other days, when I return to the office at 1:00pm I attend appointments and meetings and complete projects that have been requested such as creating powerpoint presentations, documents, letters, databases or researching, transcribing, editing, organising appointments, actioning their customers requests, and other bits and pieces.

I have days or time periods blocked to work on the growth on my own business, updating my business plan, reflecting on my goals, scheduling social media and blog posts and my own bookkeeping and admin. Other afternoons, I attend University classes for my Business and Accounting dual degree. This takes me to 4:30pm where I spend the last half hour of my day answering emails and adding any final actions to calendars before ending my day.

My main role is to take administration, customer service, bookkeeping and other office responsibilities off their hands so they can focus on sales and business growth. I have regular daily schedules to save interruptions to their day and take on any other tasks or projects as needed. My focus is to increase functionality, boost productivity and provide consistent support for them, their businesses, their employees and of course, their clients.

If you'd like to book a consultation to find out how a virtual assistant can fit into your business, RVA offers free Discovery Calls and Proposals.

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